Exhorter Ordination Service at World Mission CC


On Sunday, March 18, World Mission Christian Church in St. Charles held an Exhorter Ordination Service for Myung Heo, Mina Raithel, and Anshim Kim. Pastor Young Noh explained that World Mission has recognized that these three faithful church members have been given the spiritual gift of exhortation. They have the unique gift of encouraging and edifying others…of coming along side of others and developing a relationship with them for the purpose of encouraging them in their spiritual growth.



Rev. Chung Seong Kim, Executive Pastor of the North American Pacific/Asian Disciples (NAPAD) brought the morning sermon. In addition Rev. Kim, Pastor Young Noh, and Regional Minister Penny Ross-Corona participated in the laying on of hands for the new Exhorters.






Rev. Jesus Marrufo (pastor of the House of Prayer which nests at World Mission Christian Church) brought the prayer for the delicious traditional Korean meal that followed the service. House of Prayer, which is a Spanish speaking congregation, and World Mission Christian Church, which is a Korean speaking congregation, enjoy learning about each others’ food and culture.


Thank you to Penny Ross-Corona for this story and to Young Noh for the photos.

Exhorter Ordination Service at World Mission CC