Sarah Klaasen was ordained at Rock Bridge Christian Church on Saturday, February 14th. She is pictured here wearing the stole that was a gift from the congregation. The banner to her right is a gift that she made for the congregation to thank them for nurturing and supporting her.


 Pictured are St. Charles Christian Church pastor Chris Franklin, NAPAD Executive Pastor Jinsuk Chun, World Mission Christian Church pastor Young Noh, and SEGA Area Minister Penny Ross-Corona.



Church is at its best when it works faithfully with partners in ministry. Such testimony was witnessed by all who attended the ordination of Young Gee Noh on Sunday, February 22nd. Conducted in both Korean and English, the inspiring service was underscored by the generous hospitality of World Mission Christian Church as they welcomed representatives from SEGANAPAD, and St. Charles Christian Church.

If you would like to learn more about the ordination process, and what it means to come under care of the Christian Church of Mid-America, please click here.


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