NAPAD Convocation in Portland


The 20th Biennial Convocation of the North American Pacific/Asian Disciples was held August 8-11 in Portland.  Rev. Chung Seong Kim was elected to a six-year term as executive pastor at the event. Our own Rev. Young Gee Noh and his family of World Mission Christian Church were able to attend, having received a Leadership Development Grant from the Rickman Legacy Fund. He shares his account of the Convocation:

Having returned from 20th Biennial NAPAD Convocation in Portland, I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the Mid-America Clergy Leadership Development Grants Committee that helped my family to attend NAPAD Convocation in 2018.

From 20th NAPAD Convocation, I can see more spiritual growth and change in my faith walk with Christ on a week Convocation. I was impressed on concentrated several day of Keynote Session & Discussion with Rev. Dr. Seong Hyun Park, worship, prayer, confession and fellowship with brother and sister in Christ. This is my first NAPAD Convocation, but I felt that I renew my faith walk and I am not alone; I have so many brother and sister who can encourage me; share their own faith experience with me that would inspire and empower me.

Thank you again and may God bless you.
Rev. Young Gee Noh
World Mission Christian Church Pastor

Find more information about the Convocation here. View their complete photo gallery.